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Camelbak Crux 3L (100oz.) Resevoir

Army Navy Gear's Camelbak Crux 3L (100oz.) Resevoir is a bladder designed to go in hydration bags. This 3 liter (100 oz) bladder is great for backpacking, day hikes, hunting, or working out in the field. Bags with hydration bladders in them are easier to carry and more convenient for all day use in the outdoors than a standard canteen or water bottle. 

The Crux™ Reservoir delivers 20% more water per sip allowing users to stay better hydrated in less time so they can tackle bigger, better adventures. A brand new cap and handle boast the widest opening on the market and make cleaning and refilling easy and effortless. One end of the drink tube features the Big Bite Valve mounted to an on-off lever that creates a simple and ergonomic way to shut off water with one hand for a completely leak-proof system. The other end of the tube connects to the reservoir with the Quick Link™ System, allowing the drink tube to be disconnected and remain routed in the pack while the reservoir exit port automatically shuts off for leak-proof removal and fast refills.

  • 3L: 100 fluid oz.
  • Weight: 8 oz.