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Maxpedition Grimloc Locking D-Ring (4 Pack)

Our Maxpedition Grimloc Locking D-Ring (4 Pack) is used for attaching lanyards and accessories to guns or packs. They are designed for 1" webbing and have a push button release that makes it easy to operate with gloves on. 
  • Locking D-Ring for any 1" wide piece of webbing. Replaces the metal carabiner for attachment of lanyards weapons and accessories.
  • Lightweight plastic incorporates GhillieTex IR-signature reduction technology and resists solar heating.
  • Latch is designed with a detent to maintain an open position if needed and while strong enough to carry equipment it will break away with a soldier's weight eliminating snagging hazards which can cause serious injuries.
  • Low-IR 80 lb. break strength.