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Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Holster Full Size RH OWB

Army Navy Gear's Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Holster Full Size RH OWB is made to fit multiple different guns. This holster is designed for someone with multiple guns that just wants to change out the gun and not the holster every time they want to switch to another weapon.

The Stealth Operator Outside the Waistband holster is the only holster a multi-gun owner needs. It lets you fit more than 150+ different gun models and is the answer to your bucket of holsters for each one. The proprietary Frame-Lock Technology means that you do not have to take off the holster and adjust it or form it to your next gun. Just holster it and you are ready to go!

Even for those who do not carry every day, it is the best accessory for your range bag so you can have positive retention on the guns you use. If you use your holster every day, you’ll want to know that the Stealth Operator holster is far more durable than a KYDEX® holster. It’s made of a flexible material that can withstand higher pressures without cracking and higher temperatures without becoming misshapen.

  • Hand Orientation: Right-Handed
  • Model: Full-Size, Outside the Waist Band (OWB)
  • Design: Black
  • Attachment to Pants: Belt Loops
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 7 inches
  • Product Weight: 6.1 ounces
  • Belt Loop Size: Up to 1.75″


Will Fit:

  • AMERICAN TACTICAL  American Tactical 1911 Operator / GSG Firefly
  • BERETTA  Beretta 92 / Beretta APX
  • BERSA  Bersa TPRC / Bersa BPCC
  • CANIK  Canik TP9SA / Canik TP9SF
  • CARACAL USA  Enhanced F
  • CZ  CZ 75 D PCR / CZ P-09 / CZ P-10c
  • GLOCK  G19 Compact / G23 Compact / G32 Compact /G38 Compact / G45 / G17 / G20 / G22 / G31 / G37 / G26 Subcompact / G27 Subcompact / G28 Subcompact / G29 Subcompact / G30 Subcompact / G33 Subcompact / G36 Subcompact / G39 Subcompact / G43 Subcompact
  • HECKLER & KOCH  H&K P30 / H&K VP9 / H&K VP9SK / H&K P2000 / H&K USP SD
  • KAHR ARMS  P Series
  • MOSSBERG  MC1 sc
  • REMINGTON  Remington 1911 R1
  • RUGER  Ruger American / Ruger P95 / Ruger SR-Series / Ruger Security 9 / Ruger LC9 / Ruger LC9S / Ruger EC9S
  • SIG SAUER  SIG P224 / SIG P229 / SIG P239 / SIG P938
  • SMITH & WESSON  S&W M&P 2.0 / S&W P99 / S&W Sigma Series / S&W 3914 (Ladysmith) / S&W 5904 / S&W SD / S&W SDVE 
  • SPRINGFIELD  Springfield XDˢ
  • TAURUS  Taurus 840 / Taurus 609 / Taurus PT-92 / Taurus PT111 / Millennium G2 Series
  • WALTHER  Walther PPQ M2

Proper fit of holster remains the sole determination and liability of the buyer. Phalanx Defense Systems assumes no liability whatsoever for the selection of this product to perform to any level or definition of proper fit for any specific weapon or ammunition magazine.