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March 22, 2023 4 min read

Camping as a whole family can be fun and rewarding for both parents and children. The world becomes your child’s touchscreen and natural playground. You’re creating dirt-under-the-fingernails memories and inspiring independence.

That being said, it's important to be well-prepared to ensure everyone stays safe, comfortable, and entertained. Before embarking on your adventure, make sure you have the appropriate gear for your children. This includes a proper tent, sleeping bags, clothing, and cooking supplies. 

Essential gear you'll need for camping with kids:


First up: where your kid will sleep and how. As anyone who’s ever been sleep-deprived knows: how you sleep can determine your mood for the next day. Here are a few things we recommend.


Depending on how many kids you have, you’ll need a tent that can accommodate their needs. If your kids are comfortable sleeping in separate tents, you can get them a cozy little pop-up that’ll be their own little fortress. 

If you’d rather keep everyone together, we recommend at least a 4-person tent that has enough room for you to move around comfortably. This will also allow for more flexibility in the sleeping padding you might use. Use a tarp and rain fly as well to protect from the worst storms and condensation.

Sleeping Pad

Good padding is vital for both comfort and heat. Padding can provide extra insulation, making colder nights easier. 

You can choose among a variety of sleeping cushions, including:

  • Cot - Easy to set up and take down, a cot is convenient and hygienic. Some places sell bunk bed cots, which are handy if you have multiple children.

  • Foam pad - Some foam pads come foldable and are easier to stow. Go for some thicker ones that are long-lasting.

  • Blow-up mattress - Some inflatable pads are the small single-person ones you can inflate with your own lungs. Others are larger mattresses that require a lot more power. Check reviews on different blow-up mattresses and make sure they aren’t conducive to leaks. 

Sleeping Bag

Find sleeping bags specifically designed for kids to fit smaller frames. Mummy bags can be especially cozy and cocoon your little ones safely for the night. Find ones that are rated by temperature and add a liner or blanket to make it extra toasty.


Whether you want to relax during the day or be rocked to sleep, it’s fun to throw a hammock into the mix. Your child will love the swaying, soothing sensation. Get a hammock that is easy to set up and provides a fun and relaxing way for kids to enjoy the outdoors. 

Note: if you (or your child) decide to sleep overnight in a hammock, make sure you line it with some kind of padding underneath the sleeping bag. Hammocks are more vulnerable to the cold from the wind, so give yourself some insulation from it.



In addition to sleeping quarters, prepare for daily camping activities including hiking, exploring, and of course — eating. Here’s the necessities:

Camp Stove

Camping isn’t complete without good eats. Find a stove that is easy to set up and perfect for cooking up meals while camping with kids. Some stoves will be more portable, like single-burner backpacking stoves, while others can be bigger and better for cooking more complex dishes. 

young boy building campfire with sticks outdoors camping


Depending on the hiking you plan on doing, it can help to get a backpack designed for kids. Find backpacks that can buckle around the front for easy carrying. A daypack can be just right for this. 

Water Bottle

Some water bottles are better than others. Look for a water bottle that is easy for kids to use and durable enough to withstand the rigors of camping and outdoor activities, especially if you have a kid prone to dropping things. Be sure to bring along a filter as well if you’re going to a place with limited water access.


For added security, a headlamp is perfect for a kid to enjoy hands-free light and nightly walks. Bring extra batteries.


Of course, it’s best to stay prepared with solid clothes for your child. Look up the weather and climate of the place you’re planning to camp so you’ll know what essentials to pack. (And if you’re looking for more ideas on essentials, we’ve got some more resources.) 

Some basics we recommend include:


  • Rain jacket - This can be a great outer shell to protect against wind and rain.

  • Down jacket - A down jacket can be easy to pack and easy to wear.

  • Hiking shoes - Find shoes that are comfortable and durable and are quick-drying.

  • Wool socks - Wool socks protect against the cold and wet better than cotton. Bring spares.

Get Ready For Your Next Camping Trip With Your Kids

This list is by no means comprehensive, but can be a good starting point for your next camping trip. Make sure you have a tent, good clothes, eating supplies, and sleeping bags. When it comes to camping with kids, it doesn’t hurt to over-prepare. Most importantly: don’t forget to have fun.

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