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April 26, 2023 4 min read

Security guards are often on the job to protect property, enforce any rules, and even deter criminal activity. As a high-risk and demanding job, they must have the right apparel for all the difficult situations they will likely experience. 

Whether out on the field or in the office, keep you and your team comfortable by choosing the right security shirts. Read on to find out what seven factors you need to consider when buying the best security shirts for your team.



1. Easy To Identify

Your team needs to be recognized and identified at all times. Whether in an emergency situation, such as a fire hazard or to deter intruders from their mere presence, their uniform needs to stand out. From a glance, people need to be able to tell that this is your security team. 

2. Brand Recognition 

While the security shirts should be easily identifiable, they must match your company’s brand colors and logo. You might have noticed that security guards in a shopping center often wear a blue collared shirt. However, security guards at a college or university might wear a different colored shirt, often with the school’s logo embedded into the uniform. Always keep the company’s colors in mind when choosing shirts for your security team.

3. Authority

The colors of your team’s security shirts reveal much about how the general public perceives them. The key to choosing the right security apparel is building authority and inspiring trust. For example, solid and bold colors often create an authoritative and trustworthy vibe. 

4. Quality

Due to the demanding nature of the job, security shirts go through a lot of wear and tear. That is why it makes sense to choose shirts that are made of high-quality and durable materials. After all, you don’t want to have it go through the washer a few times only to have it start to fall apart. 

5. Adaptable For Internal And External Environments

Just like you need to choose shirts made of durable materials, you must ensure they can withstand all the daily activities the security team is likely to perform. For example, if your security team spends 99% of the time outdoors, you should invest in a durable and waterproof shirt to provide lasting protection from external elements. Whether sunny or rainy, you must prepare your team by choosing shirts that adapt to the changing weather conditions.

6. Price

Price is nearly always a factor. Before choosing the right security shirts for your team, you need to have a budget in mind. This will make it easy to allocate prices so that you can decide how many shirts per team member you need.

7. Easily Replaceable 

Much as you want them to, clothes do not last forever. Eventually, your security shirts will need to be replaced. Sometimes shirts get lost or damaged, so you must replace your team’s shirts. You might want to choose colors and design styles that are unlikely to go out of date. When they have to be replaced eventually, you can avoid the hassle of not being able to find the exact colors again. By using similar colors and styles, you can maintain a consistent look throughout the years.



Here are some of our favorite security shirts:

Cotton Long Sleeve Security Polo

For those chilly months, you want a security shirt that can keep you warm without sacrificing comfort. The Cotton Long Sleeve Security Polo is a fitted long-sleeve shirt made from one of the softest kinds of cotton. With ‘security’ printed along the back and front, you will be easily identified whether you are working behind the desk or out in the fields.


Cotton Security Polo WhiteWhite_Security_Polo_400x.jpg

The Cotton Security Polo is a fabulous alternative to the Cotton Long Sleeve Security Polo. Made out of combed cotton, this shirt is comfortable and lightweight. This shirt comes in white and has ‘security’ imprinted on the back and front, giving you a clean and sleek look while on the job.



Security T-Shirt BlackBleck_Security_T-Shirt_4f4f6dac-a03a-4c42-87b7-3ce999f8d7ce_2000x.jpg

If ever there was a shirt that withstands the test of time, it would be this Security T-Shirt. Coming in a solid black color with the word ‘security’ imprinted on the front and back, this classic tee is made of heavy-duty material that can last many washings. Whether working out on the field or behind a desk, this simple shirt will give you long-lasting comfort. In addition, as this shirt is priced low, you will want to get several for every team member.


Wicking Security Polo BlackBlack_Security_Polo_6988ad01-4f09-4a1b-9ada-47dd7cd448b2_400x.jpg

The Wicking Security Polo is great for security teams in hot and humid climates. With material designed to pull moisture away from the skin, this security shirt will keep your team members cool throughout the day. This collared shirt is a staple for your security company and managers.




Condor Performance Tactical Polo101060_All_Colors_400x.JPG

For a multi-functional tee that can help you get the job done, the Condor Performance Tactical Polo can more than satisfy your needs. Equipped with dual pen pockets, a microphone clip on shoulders, and sunglasses clip under buttons, you can store all your essentials in the office or out on the field. In addition, as this polo is made out of wicking material, it will keep you cool while giving you plenty of room to maneuver during those high-performance endurance activities. This collared polo shirt comes in three colors – black, graphite, and navy blue -  so your security team can do the job while maintaining brand style and authority.


Choose The Best Security Shirts For Your Team

Knowing how to choose the right security shirts for your team is essential. From increasing your team’s authority and prestige to coordinating your team with the brand’s colors, the right security shirt can make all the difference. 

If you need help choosing the best security shirts for your team of officers, leaders, and other security personnel, then contact us at 317.356.0858. We can match your team’s needs with the perfect shirt to increase awareness and authority without sacrificing comfort and style.

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