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October 18, 2023 4 min read

The holidays are coming, which means it’s time to get ahead of your holiday shopping! This year, instead of buying the same old gifts for your loved ones, why not find something that appeals to their interests that they can really get the most out of?

If your friends and family love the outdoors, then we’ve put together the ultimate gift list for you. Check out our recommendations for 10 holiday gifts for the outdoorsy people in your life and get ready to make the holidays extra special this year.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy People

1. Travel books

Travel books are a simple gift idea for people who love the outdoors. They provide inspiration and help with planning, making it easier for your loved ones to enjoy their next adventure. Whether they have a destination in mind or are looking for some inspiration, travel books are the perfect gift for those who love the outdoors.

2. Waterproof clothing

Anyone who loves the outdoors will tell you that you can never have too much waterproof clothing. From waterproof jackets to waterproof trousers, you’ll find that waterproof clothing is always a welcome gift. Research some of the best options to help you make the right choice for your loved one.

3. Wool blankets

Wool blankets are a staple for anyone who loves being outdoors. Perfect for adding an extra layer at nighttime or for huddling around the fire, a wool blanket will provide comfort and warmth during even the most challenging of conditions. They also pack up nicely for backpacks, making them a useful item to carry around for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

4. Food accessories

Food-making accessories are another must-have for outdoor activities. From storage to portable stoves, it’s always handy to have different options to choose from. Food accessories make an affordable, but incredibly useful gift, and whether you choose pots and pans or fire lighter kits, your outdoorsy loved one will be sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

5. Luxury toiletries

After a day of exploring outdoors, nothing beats the feeling of a warm, soothing shower. Having some luxury toiletries to hand will help provide a little comfort after a day in the cold/heat, ideal for winding down. From skin-soothing moisturizers to invigorating body washes, some camping-appropriate toiletries can be a welcome addition to any adventurer’s kit.

6. Web belts

Web belts are another outdoorsy accessory you can never have too many of. Made from durable material and designed to be functional and comfortable, web belts are a useful piece of outdoor attire. Some web belts allow for different tools and accessories to be attached, which makes them the perfect accessory for biking, hiking and all kinds of outdoor pursuits.

7. Thermals

Anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors will know the value and benefits of some good thermals. Whether they are used for camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity, thermals can help make the experience more enjoyable, and provide your body with vital warmth. Thermal layers make a great gift, and you can be sure your loved one will make good use of them for their next outdoor adventure.

8. Binoculars

Binoculars are a useful part of any outdoorsy person’s kit, but not all people have them - which is why they make an excellent gift. While binoculars have some practical uses to help see oncoming conditions and help with navigation, they can also provide a closer view of the landscape - ideal for observing wildlife and more. A set of binoculars makes for a very thoughtful gift, helping to add to anyone’s outdoor experience.

9. Water bottles

Water bottles are another key item for any outdoor adventurer’s kit. From a simple walk to camping adventures, water bottles are vital for survival. Today’s water bottles are designed to be durable, and able to store either hot or cold water at its original temperature for several hours, so if you think a loved one’s water bottle could do with a little upgrade, this could be their perfect gift. Choose options that are easy to store and carry for a gift that can be used everywhere and anywhere.

10. Walking socks

Socks may seem like a simple gift, but any outdoorsy person knows the benefits of having a good pair of walking socks. Walking socks are not only designed to keep feet warm, but they can also help prevent blisters and other injuries that could impact any outdoor activity. Easy to pack and available in a range of colors and styles, you can guarantee that walking socks will be well-received by outdoorsy types.

Get the Best Holiday Gifts for Your Adventurous One

With so many amazing accessories for your outdoorsy friends and relatives, you won’t be short of some great holiday gifts to give this year. See what’s new at Army Navy Gear and start shopping for holiday gifts for the outdoorsy people in your life.